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Angelfish Paradise LIVE FISH

P.Scalare var. Santa Isabel (seo Gabriel)

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P.Scalare var. Santa Isabel (seo Gabriel)

Customer Reviews

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bob burnett
Santa Isabel Angels

The 3 dime size angels arrived a little freaked out and took a little longer than normal to acclimate to their new home but by the next morning were happy, healthy and in full color. I cant wait to see them grow into their adult color pattern over the next 6 months!

Derrick Singleton
Repeat Customer:

Quality livestock, no matter which fish you decide to purchase. Being that I has the privilege of selecting my own fish, seen 1st hand how well feed and pristine condition. He's livestock are kept in, and the amount of tanks he has is numerous to say the least. The colors that are displayed at the dime size, only illiterate that his fish aren't water down and the bloodline isn't to far away from wild caught fish!!*

Stan Sung
Sao Gabriel

I was lucky enough to get some of these rare beauties.. They are so unique, colorful and hardy. My fish always arrive in superb condition and quality from Angelfish Paradise