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Angelfish Paradise LIVE FISH

High Coverage Koi Standard

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Howarth
Fantastic Fish

I received my order within a few days and all six fish arrived healthy. It's been a week now and all fish are eating everything I give them and growing. They look great. Will be placing another order in a few months.

Josh Spencer

High Coverage Koi Standard

Beautiful fish!

High quality koi angelfish arrived quickly and healthy!

Wayne Lincoln
High coverage koi angels

I can't say enough about the quality of the fish and the way they were packed and shipped. Highly recommend Angelfish paradise!!

jerzy j kuszka

Words can't express how impressed and please I am with this place. It was my first time ordering from them and I am amazed at not only the incredible quality of the angelfish I received, but the shipping quality as well. Everything was packaged so carefully and well to ensure there was less stress on this fish. Heat packs were added to make sure the cold weather didn't affect the fish along with a small bit of filter media to reduce ammonia and other nutrient. It's the little things that show a company's passion for the health and quality of our hobby. I will definitely order from here again!!!!