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Angelfish Paradise LIVE FISH

Pinoy Veil

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect angels

I ordered 4 babies…packaged very well, and insulated… super fast shipping, all arrived perfect condition!!! Thriving, and beautiful. They even sent a small baggie of food (perk) :) i have had them a week now, and no issues at all. Perfect fins, and coloring is beautiful! Definitely recommend, and cant wait to get more!!!

Eugene Hallenbeck
For angelfish

My four angelfish came through healthy and happy and they have been thriving now for over a week, they really look great.

Naja Johnson
Breathtaking fish!

Gorgeous fish! I order a bundle of different fish from you guys (3 koi angelfish plus this guy) and this black smokey Angel is my favorite out of all of them. He has what looks like little blue speckles up close and his fins have a cool design. Only problem was that his fins were a bit ripped up, but I'm sure this is due to the shipping process.

I also want to add that the fish arrived super fast and they are all healthy. Great business!

Charles Kacirek

Color 5
Fins 2
Body form 4