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Hopefully a great red producing food...

I will be anxious to see how this food works on my Koi angel lines. They really eat it up. Love the soft pellets.

High Coverage Koi Standard

Orange Marble Veil
Don Krechel


Calico Koi (Red Head)
Anthony Dellarte
Beautiful fish

Fish was delivered as described both size and color.

Calico koi red head

They came in perfect conditon and packaged Well will definitely be buying more in the future thank u

Santa Isabel Cross
steve rhyne

Great Products

Calico Koi (Red Head)
Jillian Hanley

Calico Koi (Red Head)

Amazing quality

I recieved six of the f2 Manacapuru and they arrived perfectly packaged, the fish were of outstanding quality with each one having perfect fins and shape!

Super Red Long Fin
Nathan Mackey

Super Red Long Fin

Orange Marble Standard
Manuel Martins
Really nice

All of the angels I got came in in good shape. Settled in right away. Had them for a week and a half and looks like they‘be grown some already


Amazing and AWESOME

Full orange body Koi Standard
Jeffery Weisgerber
Full Orange Koi

These fish are absolutely stunning, they arrived in perfect condition and are doing great!! will defiantly order from here again

Fish love them!

Excellent Granules

Full orange body Koi Veil
Jeffery Weisgerber
Full Orange Koi

The fish arrived in perfect condition and absolutely beautiful, I wish that I would have known how they looked ,I would have ordered more than just six.

Been a month

I bought 7 koi angels a month ago. Very healthy fish, all still thriving and growing well. Fins and colors are very nice. I’d highly recommend these fish.

Black Smokey Pinoy Veil
Eugene Hallenbeck
For angelfish

My four angelfish came through healthy and happy and they have been thriving now for over a week, they really look great.

Orange Marble Standard
Kelly Tomlinson
Beautiful Fish!

The fish all arrived alive and healthy! I’m very pleased. It is my first time buying fish online.

Stunning !

They are so true to the picture ! Got them as a gift and am truly wowed they are beautiful!!

Excellent Granules

Excellent Granules

Red Booster Soft Sticks

My Koi Angles and Red Head Tapajos truly enjoy eating this food. It seems to bring out more red in the Koi along with the Tapajos. I will definitely continue feeding Red Booster Soft Sticks.

Breathtaking fish!

Gorgeous fish! I order a bundle of different fish from you guys (3 koi angelfish plus this guy) and this black smokey Angel is my favorite out of all of them. He has what looks like little blue speckles up close and his fins have a cool design. Only problem was that his fins were a bit ripped up, but I'm sure this is due to the shipping process.

I also want to add that the fish arrived super fast and they are all healthy. Great business!

Full orange body Koi Veil
Robert Alan Bonacorsi
Really Nice Koi Angelfish

Recently received a group of Full Body Coverage Koi Angelfish Veil and they are fantastic! Very healthy, great color and superb finnage and body shape. Very satisfied

Excellent Granules
Joan Virgil
Short veil Anglefish/Redhead Tapajos

Excellent customer service. Amazing healthy fish. Extremely pleased.

Blue Smokey Veil
Thomas Morse
2nd shipment

Great fish a little smaller than first but great looks