Shipping Policy.

It takes us 24 to 48 hours to prep the fish for transit / shipment to you from the time you place the order.We Only ship from Monday to Wednesday if your address is close to Philadelphia area we will ship it on Thursday. There is absolutely no shipping from Friday till Sunday.During winter, we may adjust shipping dates slightly to work around extreme cold temperatures.We ship all our fish in completely insulated containers every time. During winter / cold weather, each box includes heat packs to keep the fish warm.If you have any shipping questions please contact us before placing order.

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About us

We are Darius Parzych , Arkadiusz Szura and Art Parzych, experienced fish breeders specializing in Angelfish, Bristlenose Plecos, & Red Alpha Swordtails . Our fish-breeding hobby has turned into a full-fledged passion and business. Our award-winning fish are fed only the highest quality ingredients and we are making those ingredients available for purchase and delivery to your doorstep. We are a distributor of Wild Discus Hobby Center premium daily fish food, the only food we would ever feed our beautiful angel and discus fish! It is a perfectly balanced feed for the health, appearance, and color of fish. It’s high quality mix and unique composition provides fish with the necessary ingredients for healthy and proper functioning of the digestive system, natural immunity, growth, and color enhancement.

Thanks for stopping by our website. Take a click around and shop Discus Hobby Premium fish food or checkout our Fish. If you want to inquire about the purchase of our current fish, contact us on Facebook or email us for more information about the stock & inventory of our fish.

Nutrition Guidelines

There are three main groups of fish nutrition: herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The anatomical structure of fish as well as the environment they come decide about preferences as to the type of food they eat.
Herbivorous fish should consume 75-85% food of plant origin and even 90% those, which are highly specialized.Carnivorous fish should consume 60-75% food of animal origin, and typical predators up to 75-85%;Omnivorous fish should consume 50% food of plant origin and 50% food of animal origin.
Balanced diet is just as important for fish as it is for humans. Both will struggle with similar digestive and disease problems if their diet consists of one and the same food (lack of variety), improper proportion of nutrients (proteins – fats – carbohydrates), overfeeding, malnutrition. Lack of vitamins, micro or macro elements.For proper development, fish need several nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts (micro and macro elements) and water.

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